Gudrun Klebeck – Orange / Michael Schneider

“What you see is what you get” – this simple phrase could be used to describe the paintings from the “Orange” series by Cologne-based painter Gudrun Klebeck. The viewer gets what he sees at a first, fleeting glance: slightly diffused orange surfaces with collaged, clearly delimited, graphic cutouts, mostly in black and white. … > read more

Gudrun Klebeck. Vortex / Peter Lodermeyer

The motif of the vortex, which has been at the centre of Gudrun Klebeck’s work since 2016, attracts attention because of its dynamics, even before one has become aware of the stylistic and media characteristics of these pictures. Its suggestive form triggers so many associations from different contexts that one can hardly escape the need to define … > read more

The seam as border and connection – Acrylic painting combined with silkscreen and photo printing on cloth / Erik Schönenberg

Gudrun Klebeck’s work ties together different compositions via montage. Her work combines apparently monochromatic pictures or surfaces – which she creates using glazing in various tones – with fabrics that she prints using silkscreen or digital images. The pairing of these diverse techniques and materials creates a contrast, with the colored surfaces – whether restful or vibrant – diametrically opposed to the printed elements. … > read more


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